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Saffron Pap: Nourishing and smoothly satisfying

Saffron pap which comes in a variety of flavours is a nutritious premium breakfast suitable for the young and old, for athletes, convalescence and nursing mothers.

Saffron pap is made from the finest naturally grown and organic products containing zero preservatives and artificial colouring.

Saffron Pap is nature’s food produced with love to give you quality pap at its best, to nourish you and smoothly satisfy your taste buds.



Ginger is a medicinal root which aids in fighting infections, lowering blood sugar and cholesterol. Ginger also aids digestion and helps relieve you of cold and flu hence it’s a perfect blend with brown pap to keep you healthy and strong.

  • Net Weight : 1.2kg
  • NAFDAC NO: 08- 5146L


Yellow pap which is made from yellow maize is a favourite of both the young and old. The bright colour has been known to be attractive and appealing especially to children. It offers a little more micronutrients, particularly Vitamin A than the rest of the flavours.

  • Net Weight: 1.2kg
  • NAFDAC NO: 08- 5149L


The Saffron brown pap which is made from guinea corn is known to be a favourite of nursing mothers because it serves as a weaning food for babies and it provides the necessary nutrients needed for healthy growth.

  • Net Weight: 1.2kg
  • NAFDAC NO: 08- 5147L


The Saffron white pap which is rich in zinc contains carbohydrates and vitamins which help serve as an instant boost of energy.

  • Net Weight: 1.2kg
  • NAFDAC NO: 08- 5148L

Enjoy delicious Saffron Pap with food rich in protein such as akara, moi-moi, beans, fried plantain or any snack of your choice for a nutritionally balanced meal. Add milk, honey or sugar for extra taste.

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