Our Story

For a long time, Pap which is traditionally known as “Akamu” or “Ogi” has been the favourite of both the young and old but a common issue involved with its consumption is the unhygienic production and packaging and the inability to preserve it for a longer period of time.

Years ago, the founders of Taste of Saffron Limited noticed this challenge and thought of a way to bring your favourite meal to you by bridging the gap between hygiene and convenience, offering you nutritious and high quality packaged Saffron Pap which comes in different varieties just for your good health and satisfaction.

It is popularly known that variety is the spice of life and that is why Saffron Pap comes in varieties such as Brown Pap with Ginger which fights against infections and cures cold , Brown Pap which is made of Guinea Corn and provides nutrients such as Calcium and Iron, Yellow Pap which is filled with Vitamin A and also  known to be the most loved because of its appealing bright yellow color and White Pap which is a good source of Carbohydrates and an instant boost of energy.

Saffron Pap which is made with love from the finest naturally grown and organic products containing zero preservatives and artificial colouring has since its production put a smile on the faces of the young and old by satisfying their taste buds and bringing hygienically packaged Pap to their doorsteps and stores in their neighbourhood.

Saffron Pap will always remain your delicious, hygienic and healthy Pap for a healthier you.